Information for all types of sandblasters.A sandblaster is a device that uses pressurized air to blast (propel) or spray an abrasive media such as sand to abrade a surface.  There can be many applications and interesting work you can do with this type of equipment.  I will show you more about the neat things you can do with these systems throughout the site.  It isn’t just used for cleaning old parts.  Sandblasting is mainly used for cleaning paint, rust, and grime off of surfaces such as metal or concrete, but it is also used for glass etching and sandcarving.

The main components of a sandblaster are a tank to hold the abrasive media, a hose to transport the pressurized abrasive, and a nozzle to aim or control the process.

There are a few different types of configurations and various supplies to control the blasting process. Here are some of the main types along with a more in depth explanation to each page:

  1. Siphon System
  2. Pressure Pot
  3. Pressure Washer Blaster
  4. Soda Blasters

The most common type used by the majority of people is the siphon style because it is usually very cheap.  It has some downsides to it though and some of the other ones can only cost a little bit more money.

Some have serious problems with abrasive flow so I wrote up plans with solutions to fix these problems here. Now I also offer my new ebook to make your own with these plans shown below.

Plans for fixing abrasive flow problems and other sandblasting info. Plans guide which shows how to make your own.

Check out each page to learn more about the different sandblasters to see what will fit your projects.  Also, I have listed places where you can buy this equipment on the right side from

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