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Black Magnum for Sandblasting Glass?

Hello Eric, Do you know of any sources to get Black Magnum in central Ohio? We manufacture lighting fixtures and occasionally have the need to sandblast glass from clear to frost. Do you think black magnum would work well for this? Thanks Bruce Bruce, I am not sure where in central Ohio but if you’re […]

Mixing Stained Glass with Sandblasting Question

Hey, Eric. I’ve been designing, cutting and making stained glass windows for over 30 years, but am just getting into sandblasting (had a friend give me a blasting cabinet). Aside from your site, I see you have some reading/reference material for sale. Can you please advise as to what all is available that I might […]

Getting an Artistic Sandblasting Set Up

Ask any questions that you have about artistic sandblasting set ups here in the comments section. Learn about my sandblasting plans and manuals.

Air Compressor Ratings for Pressure Pot

Eric, Was considering building a pressure sandblaster and found you on the web. One question I have is air compressor ratings. What do I need for a pressure blaster in terms of pressure vs volume. I am doing automobile restoration and need enough to clean frames and bodies. I have a siphon style cabinet for […]

Stencil Filler for Sandblasting Resist Question

Hi Eric, I have purchased your manual and got a lot of help from it, but I have questions about stencils for stone work and stencil filler. I am using stencil filler to mount my stencils on the stone but then I find that the blaster wont cut through the glue that in on the […]

Solve Operating Problems

Info on sand blasting operating problems and questions.

Sandblasting Basics Question

Eric, I am having a problem and that is why I hunted down your site and purchased the “unclogging the pressure pot” pdf.  I think that is my problem and will pursue it this weekend. I am a glass beadmaker and am ready to put beads in the cabinet and sandblast the designs that I […]

Soda Blaster Conversion Kit

Soda Blaster Conversion Kit

Get the inside scoop to soda blaster conversion kits and links to inexpensive sodium bicarbonate machines.

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