The Internets only sandblaster training course and budget solutions to save you money!

The course isn't ready yet, but my sandblaster guide with information on different types of sandblasters and modifications for smooth flowing abrasive is ready for download on the Fix Sandblaster Abrasive Flow Problems Manual page.

Module 1: Stop having abrasive flow problems!

Sandblasters of all brands and types almost always eventually have some sandblaster flow problems. Whether it be a pressure pot or a siphon sandblaster, I will show you tips not shown anywhere else. This starts from the basics of using a filter to more advanced with my simple modification plans to keep your sandblaster flowing non-stop. Lose the frustration, save time, and money with these step by step modifications. This touches on my secret 5 essential tips and strategies.

Module 2: Sandblaster Basics

A look into the basics of sandblasters that some people don't even understand for greater effectiveness. Here I explain:
  • The different types of sandblasters
  • Which type of sandblaster is best for certain jobs
  • The typical parts of each type of sandblaster
  • A comparison and contrast of different nozzles used
  • How to operate your sandblaster correctly to make it work better than before

Sandblaster Basics Part Two: using Abrasive and air compressors

  • List and discussion of different types of abrasives and what works best for certain jobs
  • Talk about abrasive media grit sizes
  • Inexpensive sources to filter your grit and reuse it
  • Air compressor selection
  • List of low cost quality air compressors for your cost saving

Module 3: Using a Sandblaster for Rock Carving

Whether your sandblasting for a hobby or are in the business, there are other ways to use you sandblaster which most people don't think about. Here we show you step by step how to custom create personalized rock carvings. This industry can be very profitable.

Module 4: Sandblasting Glass

Module 5: The Business of Sandblasting

And much more tips and techniques spread out throughout the membership area. This will be your list of monthly modules to look at for your subscription. 1. Sandblaster Basics 2. What you can do with your sandblaster to create Customized Rocks. 3. Information on sandblasting glass with a free copy of Glass Sandblasting ebook. 4. The business of Sandblasting