Equipment Types

The type of equipment you need will depend on what your blasting.  Below is a list of sandblaster types that most people look for.  If your looking for information and places to get other smaller components, read through the supplies section.

  1. Siphon System:  This is usually used for small shops or items that need to be lightly blasted on smaller scales.
  2. Pressure Pot:  It is a more powerful blaster used for a faster rate of cleaning and carving applications.
  3. Abrasive Cabinet: A small enclosed area to blast smaller items and is needed to recollect abrasive.
  4. Portable Units: Sometimes we need to transport the system to jobs that are stationary.  Most pressure pots are tied into this category.
  5. Wet Sandblasting: Section discusses the two types such as dustless and pressure washer equipment.
  6. Soda blaster: Similar to a pressure pot but used to blast baking soda or similar soft cleaners for light surfaces.
  7. Dry ice blasting: A process used in clean industries dealing with food or intricate parts.

This is a list of some of the major equipment needed for sandblasting surfaces.  The photo below shows various equipment and supplies used for sandblasting.

A collection of sandblasting equipment used for cleaning.

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