Homemade Variable Pressure Pot Nozzle- Similar to PAB

If you don’t already know, the pressure pot sandblaster hasn’t ever had a great nozzle and trigger setup with an easy adjustment for variable flow. In the past, nozzles with variable trigger adjusting were only manufactured for siphon sandblasters. This means that the more you pull on the nozzle trigger, the more the abrasive flow came out. And the amount of abrasive and air pressure could be easily reduced by letting go of the trigger. The spring would allow the nozzle pressure to be variable and this is desired primarily in the glass sandblasting industry.

Now, the pressure pot allowed more power for sand blasters to sandcarve glass deeply into an artistic form, so it was generally used. But the problem was that glass artists wanted to also be able to adjust the pressure for different stages and for lighter shading techniques. The only know person to manufacture a nozzle that could be easily adjusted and used for a pressure pot was Bob Pickard.

I have never used Bob Pickard’s nozzle but heard that it works very well. But since it was very expensive, I set off to try and make my own based on inexpensive materials. You can see in the photo below of my homemade variable pressure pot nozzle trigger gun.
A generic home made PAB pressure pot sandblaster nozzle.
It is still in experimental phase and I will be including my plans as part of the training course. If you are interested in these plans, leave a comment below.


I still haven’t perfected this design to release it yet, but I do show you how to make a similar alternate simpler version of this in my latest downloadable¬† make your own sandblaster plans.

This is shown is part 2 of the ebook.

9 responses to “Homemade Variable Pressure Pot Nozzle- Similar to PAB”

  1. Scott Adams


    Icame across your page, while searching for a type of sanblaster I could built or buy if it fits my needs. I have been for sometime comtaplating building a sandblaster just haven’t taken the time. I work with old iron,steeel etc. for restoration. Since I have downsized the type my projects into smaller items, a personl blaster would be more necessitating
    I’m interested in hearing and or seeing your type blaster. If you would please contact and tell me of your plans and or ideas.
    I remain,
    J. Scott Adams
    478-595- 3313

  2. Curt Imler

    Are the plans for your pressure pot nozzle in your course ?
    Thanks in advance,

  3. marc

    Where and how do i get a gun like yours and more importantly, can i use this system for other media preferrably soda?? also where can i buy bulk soda? i wanna try to use a pressureized pot sand blaster that was purchased on ebay for soda and do you have any experience with converting the blasters OR do i really need to convert anything? just use it with soda instead of sand? regards, marc

  4. Dan

    hello My name is Dan Ime a glass etcher too and cant afford the PABBlaster Ime very interested in your plans for you variable trigger flow gun for the pressure pot thanks in advance.

  5. Hope

    I have that particular gun that I bought and was wondering how to mod it so that the trigger will work with it? I do already have the glass etching secrets that I bought from you and would recommend it to anyone trying to learn all that you have to offer.

  6. james

    I’m interested in the variable trigger gun plan for glass carving. thank you!!! this is very helpful page thanks again!!!


  7. Wilbur Soares


    I have been on the look out for a variable gun to for my sand blaster for sometime now.Did have a look at the PAB system , but is too expensive as the cost of shipping is equal to the cost of purchase.In my part of the world nothing is manufactured, hence building one is more economical.
    I am also interested in making my own nozzles as everything I need has to be imported, including the media.
    Any help in this direction would be great.

    Kind regards,

    Wilbur Soares

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