Making Tips & Nozzle Solutions

Below is a question about solutions for tip/ nozzle configurations for an older TIP sandblaster brand that no longer sells replacement sandblaster parts. You can see my response to the subscribers question about making your own tip and nozzle solutions that you can try.

Eric I have an old brand that is no longer made, it is TIP Brand.

The sandblaster has a 1/2 in flow line with a ball valve and a ceramic tip.

My problem is I cannot seem to get the tip nozzels, do you have any suggestions, or solutions?

Or how could I make a dead man valve work, ?
Thank You

John, you have a lot of options and I don’t know what would be for you’re because it might be a preference thing.

I would think there would be another brand’s ceramic tip that would fit in there, but I haven’t seen the TIP’s nozzle configuration so I couldn’t know for a fact.

If no tips fit into that ball valve configuration, you could probably buy a closed end cap (cost is maybe .50 cents) and drill a hole in the center which allows any standard ceramic tip to be held in place. Then get a threaded nipple to connect them all together. This is similar to what I did in these sandblaster plans. There is also a method to completely make a less bulky hose & nozzle configuration that I like to use.

Some people even use a old spark plug as a tip that they modify by removing the center electrode out.

The deadman valve would work as well. They have a barbed sleeve that goes into the hose and is held by a hose clamp.

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  1. Rich L

    Parts for TIP blasters are avalable from a company called

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