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Craigslist is a great place to find a sandblaster for sale. Buying one used can save a lot of money and the good thing is that the main blaster itself doesn’t wear out that much. Before you buy one through Craigslist, you might want to inspect the wear on other areas to make sure its not cheaper to just buy one new.

The parts do wear out but most of them can be easily replaced and are fairly inexpensive. The parts you might have to change sometime are the nozzles, the hose, and the mixture valves. The mixture valves are primarily found on the pressure pot which monitors the ratio of sandblasting abrasive to the air. When sand or any grit passes by these valves, through time the abrasives will erode the metal in the valve even at low pressures.

If the abrasive is a softer material, then you might not have to ever replace it.

I do having been checking out Craigslist for sandblasters for the past month and there are quite a few quality ones at decent prices as you can see from the screen capture in the photo. They are usually in the Tools section. This is a good place to start, but you can also rent a sandblaster or buy inexpensive ones like I explained in the information manual.

I am thinking about aggregating and displaying all the current ones for sale through Craigslist. If your interested in this, let me know.

34 responses to “Sandblaster Craigslist”

  1. Gary

    I’d like to see a listing of the sand blasters for sale in the Illinois area.



  2. sandblasting melbourne

    Thank you for sharing the information with us. I have just learned about sandblasting for a while. I just know that the sandblasting consists three major parts: the abrasive itself, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle, which have been used for somewhat different applications. It is hard to search the related information online, so i will follow your post in the future.

  3. Tapiwa

    Thank you for your valuable information,im looking for a complete set of sandblating equipment ie pot,compressor,hose etc i sandblast glass.Im in Zimbabwe so i want a price of the equipment including the freight charges.

  4. Jim

    I would also like to see a list of sandblasters on craigslist. I have looked and there hasn’t been too much as far as sandblasting equiptment in my area other then industrial.


  5. David Horn

    We have an unused SCM system. Never used. We have a new compressor, hoses, recommended filters etc. Thought we were going to use it for a business. We did not.
    New it was in the $3500 range. Still have pallet it can be shipped on or come pick up.
    Email for full details. Ready to give it a good home.

  6. Edward Morales

    I would like to see a list for the fay n.c area myself, but I can check it out myswelf, the info as as always is great thanks

  7. Craig

    I can’t tell you how much this blog has helped me. I fell better about making
    Decisions with used sandblasters. Thank you

  8. cathi christensen

    I am looking for diesel compressor and pot and all other equip. At a resonable price

  9. dan

    you blog . help out a lot.

  10. Michael

    I have a New in the box JetSTream One with the optional Dust Collection Cabinet and a Sil AIr 50/15 compressor for sale for $ 1750. Im in Harrison AR. I can send pic if anyone is interested.

  11. Richard Edmonds

    Thanks for the great information. Will look in other locations on Craig’s list as I have not seen any under “Tools” yet.

  12. jeff henderson

    I’m trying to find a deal on a blasting package I found one with a box truck and everything on craigslist the other day now I cant find it

  13. Rita

    I am interested in the scm systems that are listed but don’t know how you contact the people who have said they would like to sell them.

  14. Rita

    Attention: Michael from Harrison, AR with the Jet Stream. I found your listing on Craigslist but it will not let me emai you and there are no contact numbers. Please contact me at Thanks.

  15. Michael

    I have a SCM jetstream one with the optional dust cabinet and a SIL AIR compressor, still all brand new. jetstream is still in the boxes for sale in Arkansas, check craigslist Little Rock or Springfield Mo sites.

  16. russ

    Thank you for going to the effort to set this up. You just saved me a bunch of time. Been shopping and new ones are just too expensive for my small one man personal shop. I do restro work on vintage cars and bikes, purhaps 3-5 a year. If anyone who is reading this has one they would like to sell or found one that is not right for you, but you think might be suitable for a small restoration shop, please let me know.

    You can leave a message at 541-734-2255 or email me at:

  17. John Pastore

    I would like to buy a used sand blaster . I’m resorting a 57 Chevy and need 1 under 450
    Dollers if u have 1 I live in Joliet ill pick it up
    815 651 7180 call John thanx !

  18. Rick

    Due to Health Issues must sell Sandblasting, Engraving and Compressor Equipment. The system is an SCM system. Please check their website for the details of the equipment. The setup is complete to do sandblasting and engraving on glass, metal, wood, egg carving, jewelry, gunstocks, wedding items, awards, gifts, etc. It’s up to you what you would like to create. You can have your own business, add it to a business you already have or create beautiful things for yourself and friends.
    Ultra High Speed 400 XS Engraver (400,000 rpm), Carrying Case, Air Control Pack, Automatic Moisture Release, Mask, Stencil Sheets and Instructional Video. The price includes around 20 bits, stencil sheets and artwork. There is also a dust cabinet for engraving. It is still unassembled at this time.
    Jet Stream One Photo Imaging System which includes exposure system unit (exposure area up to 11” X 14”, with built-in timer, photo image film, photo image instruction video, trigger jet sprayer, application adhesive, vellum, artwork, blaster pen, Tungsten-Carbide Blasting Nozzle (Two premium, long-lasting quick release carbide sandblasting tips are included. One .060 round for general work and one calligraphy writing tip), pressure pot, foot control, abrasive sand (aluminum oxide), jet stream cabinet, Photo Image Stencil Film for Sandblasting and Ikonics Imaging (Accuart, positive fx and rapid mask). This allows you to make your choices as to what type of stencil works best for your artwork and working situations. Silentaire Sil-Air 50-15A Air Compressor. 115 volt, 4.9 amp, cfm 2.15, Hertz 60, Watt 400, PSI 116. Also have crystal glass items (key chains, icebergs, heart, etc.), goblets and cake server sets. Misc items include Acto Precision Stencil Knife and 5 blades, Rub and Buff Colors (all 9 colors), metal sheets (misc small sheets) and a few spare parts. The videos are very easy to follow and very complete with all the instructions. This has been a great business for us. We really hate to sell, but must. Retail all these items would be over $8,000. We are letting it go for $4,000 for the complete setup. Call five 80 nine two 52 one four zero.

  19. will

    Thanks Eric, that’s good to know, someday I’ll need something I’m sure.
    I have an abrasive blaster cabinet, (that I haven’t put together yet, I bought it from Harbor Freight a couple weeks ago for $199). I would like at least one more if not 2 more abrasive blaster units, a conventional one and a baking soda one. I’m always looking to save money, thanks for the tip.

  20. Ben

    When ready with the listings let me know you blog has helped me a lot thanks.

  21. Gary

    I have a great sand blast unit.. hood, pot, hose, air purifier dead man switch .. Im willing to sell it. I just do not use it like a master blaster should. If interested just call 402 681 4608 Thank you Gary

  22. Dean Armstrong

    Where can I find the plans for a pencil type sand blasting apparatus for fine glass etching, or better yet one to purchase. Tks, Dean

  23. James

    I need plans for a dustless blasting. Pot I have a good size compressor
    Thank you j m

  24. Antonio Gomez

    Thank you Eric for all you help

  25. Steve

    Thanks for the heads up Eric. Alot are Harbor Freight units usually. Those will give you a basic platform to start A couple of cheap alterations and you can have a decent set up for the money. All depends how much you use it. I will be getting back to you via email about the other topic you mentioned when I introduced myself a couple weeks ago. I haven’t forgotten. Been busy. Keep up the good work, I’m sure we all appreciate it.

  26. Dawn Hunt

    I have two sandblasters for sale. CLEMCO blasting pots with hoses and helmet . 1 is 6 cuft $2800, and 1 is 4 cuft $2200. Both have had less than 20 hours of use. Near Farmington New Mexico. I can send pictures. 505-787-4760. Both are in great condition!

  27. Gary Branson


  28. Dom D

    Thanks Eric I’m actually looking for a 300lb blasting pot.. I was going to buy a Dustless blaster but way to much $. So I’m going to make my own. Thanks

  29. Dom D

    Anyone have a blasting pot for sale let me know, thanks 412 418-6365

  30. Billy Chapa

    I need a media blaster portable if possible and another small 1 for glass

  31. kerri

    i have a 600 to 800 lb pot and a 360 ford gas motor sandblasting set up for sale 2500 in ky motor is on trailor hoses with it has been used for horse trailors and small items can call 8595857175

  32. rainey

    is anyone on here using a program for overlaying stencil onto rock on a computer so that I can send a proof to a customer. I am will be engraving rock. Currently sending out for this to another party costing me too much money. thanks

  33. Mac

    I’m interested in 6-8 ton Blast Pot on wheels.
    Gary Bronson, I would like to communicate with you about your equipment also.
    Please call (703) 501-1546.

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