Manual & Fixes

At last, ways to start sandblasting on a budget that actually works well and fixes abrasive Clog Problems!

A plan to easily modify your pressure pot sandblaster and have constant abrasive flow.

-Save Time, Frustration, & Money

Pressurized Sandblaster Mods- Step by Step Instructions to fix Inconsistent Abrasive Flow and where to get a Low Cost Pressure Pot while being effective!

Have you ever bought a cheap pressure pot sandblaster or are thinking about buying one?  Well, if you have, they will save you a lot of money but they have abrasive flow problems.  This sucks, but it can actually be fixed quite easily in 30 minutes or less.

The problem with these is they don’t have too bad of quality for the price; really it isn’t that bad.  What is bad about them is the design and I show you step-by-step plans of how to easily fix this problem with a few cheap materials that you can get at the hardware store.

So before you buy equipment, you will want to read this manual of where to save money off these inexpensive pressure pot sandblasters and most importantly, how to fix their inconsistent flow problems.

The picture shows my easily modified inexpensive pressure pot that has smooth flowing abrasive, even with very fine abrasive grit.

Inconsistent flow problems are one of the most annoying things about a sandblaster that can really be easily fixed.  So if you have recently bought a pressure pot or are looking at buying one, learn how to fix the problem and save yourself a lot of frustration.

The investment in this info. will not only show you how to save the money but how to make your system as effective as possible.  So before you think about buying an expensive blaster, you will want to read this information.  I’ll show you:

  1. Multiple sources to get inexpensive pressure pots at different sizes.

  2. How to easily make them from an okay piece of equipment to a great smooth flowing sandblaster.

  3. Low cost sources for add-on appliances such as an dead man valve.

  4. Guide to other creative things you can do with your pressure pot.

  5. An attached version of the Sandblasting 101 ebook which talks about all types of sandblasters, abrasives, & how each sandblaster works

  6. NEW: More Advanced Modifications for the Pressure Pot

Advanced modifications

My manual guide is available in a PDF file.  Acrobat Reader is required to open and view the file.  If you don’t have it, you can download it free on the internet which I will show you.

There is no shipping fees and you will be directed to a website where the PDF file can be downloaded.

I will be giving this information away at $19.99 for a limited time and then will be selling it with my main course for double the price due to its effectiveness to allow people to have a good working system and save them money.

So far I have only got positive feedback from customers (on another online shopping site).  See the snapshot image I took from my profile below:

Proof from past customers for my sandblaster manual.

But there’s more.  I made some drastic changes since the time I sold it on other shopping cart stores a while back.  Now I have included:

  • Information for beginners.
  • Basic information about the different types of equipment.
  • And which type of blaster is right for your needs.
  • An Air Compressor Guide.

Next, you will be able to instantly download it by clicking the button below.

100% Risk Free Guarantee:

If this resource didn’t provide you with any helpful information and you aren’t 100% satisfied with the Ebook, then send me a quick email and I’ll happily refund you in full within 60 days. This way you have no risk in getting my ebook!

Questions About the Plans or Need Help with the Build?
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7 responses to “Manual & Fixes”

  1. Rowland Veall

    Hi Eric. Do you have any info on diy. machinery to make your own crushed glass blast media?
    I have been doing quite a lot of net surfing & have come to the conclusion that glass seems to be
    cost effective & very productive and very cheap if i can perfect a machine.I dont see it to be a great challenge but a few pointers in the right direction would be helpfull..

  2. Eric R. W.

    @ Rowland- it sounds like an interesting idea if you have a large source of scrap glass, but I don’t really deal with making my own media.

    One thing to think about though- you should not use glass that has a lot of silica in it, which is just about most common glass found. It would emit an extremely high amount of deadly silica dust upon impact. The professional stuff that manufacturers sell is an inert glass with little to no silica in it.

  3. Keith

    I am interested in building my own Dustless wet media blaster, not the kind used with a pressure washer–the kind that uses an air compressor and mixes the abrasive and air before pushing it down the line. Do you have plans for such a blaster?


  4. Eric R. W.

    @Keith, I have been building one of these and testing it to perfection, but the project has been delayed lately. I will let everyone know once the plans are up. Thx

  5. mikey

    Iam a welder by trade and have discovered by heating painted metal you can clean paint off really easy with just a small propane torch.
    Is it possible to use heated air and hot sand to remove paint and rust?

  6. upesh kumar

    i am safety officer can u explain when sand blasting conducting time what types of hazard we face.

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