Sandblaster Rental

Picture of a man using sandblaster rental equipment.Borrowing from a sandblaster rental or equipment rental place nearby your city can be a good idea if you don’t want to buy all the supplies for a one time job.

While renting may be a good option, there are other solutions as well. If your going to be sandblasting more than once, you might want to consider buying your own inexpensive sandblaster equipment which I explained in the manual.

And you can buy some of the equipment for about the same price as renting- as long as you already have a air compressor. Air compressors can be expensive and I recommend a good one if your planning on using it a long time.

If your able to transport the object which needs to be blasted, another option is to have a professional do it for you. In larger cities, you can look for a sandblasting shop which does this as a profession. Also, you might want to check your local auto body shop which are available in cities- big and small. They usually do a good job, is quick, and is less of a hassle. Again, if its only a one time job then you can have someone else do it for about the same price. That way you don’t have to get dirty either.

Photo by alanwoo.

4 responses to “Sandblaster Rental”

  1. Zulema

    I would like to know if you rent sandblaster, my zip code 91762, Ontario, ca.

  2. Eric R. W.

    I do not. You should probably check you local tool rental shop. Sometimes they will have them.

  3. Van

    I need to know if I can use a sandblasted to remove smeared concrete off a brick walk way if so do you have rentals in Brentwood, ny

  4. stephen fudger

    Do you know where in the NY 13797 zip I can rent a blaster to strip my log home

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