Sandblasting Stencils

Sandblasting stencils are vinyl or rubber sheets that are cut out with designs.  The cut out stencils are typically used for sandblasting designs into all types of materials such as rock, small stones, brick, metal, wood, or glass.  This is also known as engraving, etching, or sandcarving.

Typically the sandblasting stencil has to be a thick layer at about 5 mils and larger but I have found out that I sandblast with a thin 3 mil stencil when I use fine abrasive media grit.  I can even carve fairly deep with it too so as long as the abrasive is at a fine scale, the media won’t penetrate through the stencil.  Below is an example of a current project that I am working on with a cut out stencil logo of someone’s business:

Sandblasting stencil with a thickness of 3 mil for sandcarving.

Basically, I cut out the stencil with a removable backing layer which you peel off.  Then you apply the stencil to the object that you want to sandblast and mask around the edges to prevent overspray.

In this case, I will be sandblasting glass beer mugs.  One side will have the business logo and the other side will have the persons name with a little design that I included.  All the white areas will be the areas that gets sandblasted.  I will show you want the glasses look like when finished in the next post.

So please leave a comment below and I will answer any questions you have here.  Thanks

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10 responses to “Sandblasting Stencils”

  1. Tom McKinley

    Hi Eric,
    I would like to start my own sandblasting busines on the side. I am having a hard time finding the information I am looking for. I have found plenty of websites with high priced equipment and turnkey business’ that give you just enough information that leaves you hanging. I am looking to do stone carving and possibly glass. Any good information on equipment and the stencil process/products or just where to start would be greatly appreciated!
    Tom McKinley

  2. Michae Ehrlich

    I like what you are doing. Try to find a way to make some extar money .would like to have those sheet that the out line washes out . Hope you have a happy holiday

  3. Eric R. W.

    Thanks Michae!

    I believe you are referring to the photoresist stencil process. Happy new years!

  4. Michae Ehrlich

    Yes that is what it is called. Guess I will just have to get better with a Ez-knife.

  5. Steve

    Looking for the rubber resist to get started on stenciling stone. I have a huge pot and huge compressor, that I just ran out of fuel (rats). Need that fancy sticky rubber.

  6. Wray

    Looking at a part time business with stone. I am new to the profession. Can you give me an idea if the SCM sandblasting kits are a good thing or a rip off. What aren’t they telling us?

  7. Eric R. W.

    I was originally going to buy the SCM stuff but glad I didn’t because you can get a decent system when you buy inexpensive equipment and put it together.

    I have heard mixed reviews from people about SCM, some good and others not so. Most say it is way overpriced, but I feel for small businesses like that.

  8. steve in arkansas

    I started out with a chunk of limestone and a dremel. People liked the finished products and found out about sandblasting stone, which is a huge time saver compared to dremeling the images. only problem was the stencils took a long time to cut out. usually longer to make the stencil than it takes to blast the item. So I searched and found out about vinyl cutters/plotters. I picked up a vinyl exress r series for under $400 and since have done everything from creating vinyl lettering for busines’s to cutting out my sandblast pattern in seconds. just sharing a bit of helpfull info. check out they also carry self adhesive sandblast resist by the roll at reasonable prices

  9. Holly

    Hi, frm BC

    Looking for the Rubber vynil with the sticky backing like Steve up above?……..Trying to find prices that are reasonable : )

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