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There are many different sandblasting tips available so I created this video to help clear up any confusion. I talk about the three major categories of typical nozzle tips used in the industry. Then it shows how long each tip lasts and an inexpensive source to get them. Click the Play Button below:

As stated in the video, here is a source for the cheapest ceramic ones that I found:

And here is the page about sandblaster tips for nozzles that I wrote which goes more in detail about the different subcategories of carbide sandblasting tips.

I hope this information was helpful to everyone. Please leave a comment or ask me a question below. I’d appreciate it. Thanks

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3 responses to “Sandblasting Tips”

  1. Eric R. W.

    The other link explains the different subcategories of carbide materials commonly used for tips. Check it out- this was always helpful for me when I wanted to compare the prices from different stores.

    They might say its carbide and be a few dollars cheaper than another store (but their carbide might be a lot better).

  2. David Sullivan

    Thanks for the info .
    D Sullivan

  3. Moqbul

    Thank you for introducing to different kinds of nozzles

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