SCM Sand Carving Equipment For Sale

Item has been sold.

Everyone- one of my visitors was trying to sell his SCM sand carving equipment so I offered to help him and hopefully it falls into the hands of someone else. See the information he provided below with the photos. Give him a call if you’re interested or just leave a comment below. Thanks

SCM Sand Carving Equipment For Sale- Paid $4500-Make Offer.

Unused-Brand New Jet Stream Two with all filters, exposure unit, 100 lb. pressure pot, cabinet, hoses, etc. Includes New Compressor. We thought we were going to use with a product we are having made, but our manufacturer is etching in house.
Item has been sold.

SCM sandcarving equipment with sandblasting cabinet.Closeup of the SCM sand carving equipment with pressure pot sandblaster.

SCM sandblasting equipment with pressure pot sand blaster.Husky air compressor for sand blasting.

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36 responses to “SCM Sand Carving Equipment For Sale”

  1. Alvin Esguerra

    Can you please let me know how much are trying to sell this? I am interested but need to know the price. Thanks

  2. Eric R. W.

    Yea, that would be good to list an estimated price. David will probably be monitoring this page but I will email him just in case he doesn’t.

  3. David Horn

    $4000 would be great, but we will consider all offers.

  4. Sandy

    I would like to offer $2000.00, I am on a budget.

  5. David Horn

    $2000 would be a little too painful. Could you do $3500? Its a steal at that still with compressor and all the bells and whistles that you need. Hoses, moisture trap, etc.
    Think it over. Where are you located?

  6. Sandy

    I don’t mean to be insulting but thats all I can budget for. We live in B.C., Canada.

  7. Maureen

    Is this still available? I can’t tell when it was posted.

  8. Eric R. W.

    Maureen, sorry I should have placed a date on it. I posted this exactly a week ago on September the 7th 2011.

    Not sure if it has sold yet, but he hasn’t told me that it was.

  9. David Horn

    Equipment is still available as of Sept. 15.

  10. Char C.

    I’m in CA – can you estimate shipping charges for the equipment? Thanks!

  11. Ed Horn

    What is the make and model of the compressor. I might be interested in that if you are willing to part with it seperately.

  12. Ryan

    Did this ever sell? I am in Nashville

  13. Kam

    I have one for sale too. I am in NJ. Used it about 6 times. Was going to start a rock carving business with partner but as soon as we purchased machine, she got a job offer! Now I don’t need it. Email me if you are interested. Thank you.

  14. Eric R. W.

    @ Kim, I will be happy to post it to the site and email hundreds of my subscribers about it if you have pictures to post.

    Just let me know or send me a email.

  15. Todd Osborn

    Disabled Veteran looking for an SCM Jet Two System. Located in Eastern Iowa. Please email me with information and price.



  16. Bill

    Are you still in Eastern Iowa? I also live in Iowa and starting out in sandcarving.

  17. Todd

    Indeed, I am still here in Davenport, IA.

  18. German De La Torre

    Do you still have this equipment? Aug-29-2013

  19. Chris

    I am looking to purchase a used Jetstream 2 system to carve into rocks, What items are available for what price? Thanks for your help

  20. Deb

    I’m looking for a used Jetstream 2. Does anyone have one available? If so how much etc?

  21. colleen

    do you post current merchandise, what I see is like from2012 It is now 2014. I am lookingfor the whole sand blasting unit the jet stream2

  22. Eric Robert W.

    @ Colleen, I just posted another one from someone on my other site here:

    And here is a different system someone was offering:

    lol, I have somehow become the free classified ads guys for sandblasting equipment.

  23. Danny

    I have a lot of this equipment &10,000.00 worth selling it all at a good price! $3000.00 and i will pay the shipping.

  24. martie

    Please contact me if you still have the equipment for sale.

  25. Tova

    Danny, do you still have your equipment for sale?
    Or.. anyone?
    We are looking to purchase a system…

  26. colleen

    does anyone have a glass kiln for sale in the reno sparks, nv area

  27. Tova Love

    Danny… can you please contact me if you still have your equipment (there are no dates on this forum, so I have no idea how old your post is).

    My number is 530-332-0036
    Thanks 🙂

  28. Ken Wilson

    I have a Jet Stream 1 for sale. Barely used. It did not work out for me as I had expected.

  29. Ken Wilson

    I have a Jet Stream One for sale, barely used. Any suggestions?

  30. Tova Love

    Ken, I am interested.
    I was just going to order a JetStream One next week 🙂
    Please call me at 530-332-0036
    Thank you,

  31. james doran

    Anyone that has scm equippment jet 2 sys.and one can email me I have been looking to buy for a while. Thanks

  32. Dean

    looking for a sand carving system, getting close to retirement. Want to start a new business.

  33. Robert Miller

    I have a Jetstream 2 complete with both coarse & fine grit, moisture filter, and a compressor from Home Depot. This unit has barely been used. I am located in Alvin, TX just south of Houston. I have over $4,500 invested and need to sell. Willing to deal, but this is not a fire sale. I can get a good shipping price, at my cost, since I am in the shipping business.

  34. Robert Miller

    I have a Jetstream 2 with Home Depot compressor and moisture filter. Comes complete with hose and fittings, as well as fine and coarse grit. This unit has barely been used. Since, I work in the shipping business, I can get shipping at my cost for you. I have over $4,500 invested and need to sell. Will consider all reasonable offers.

  35. Chris

    Robert I’m probably about 4 hours from you, im in the awards business in Louisiana. Could you tell me if you think the machine would increase business.

  36. Sally Whitehair

    I have the Magnum Force Cutter (Large Format Stencil System)
    This world-class designed cutter has a heavy-duty servo motor drive for cutting thick blast masks. This system also gives you the accuracy to create larger designs and long production runs. The Quad Grip Roller System with tungsten carbide grips, holds the heavy weight blast mask in precise alignment. Its 500 gram force downward pressure creates consistent cuts and its unique material saver mode will allow small pieces of material to be cut so there is no waste. It will come with Windows based software for total in house creation of artwork, USB connection for fast cuts, and production run capability, and penalization function for unlimited size projects for sale900.00 OBO

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