Unitec Speed Blaster Review

Unitec speed blaster gravity feed sandblaster.I decided to create this post to talk about one of the lower cost sandblasters that are available for sale through out the marketplace and a good source of where to order it online. This blaster is called the Unitec Speed Blaster as shown in the photo below and it ranges anywhere from 40 to 60 dollars.

I rather liked this gun even though it’s a low powered siphon blaster (I like the pressure pots better) because it is gravity fed. This means that the sandblasting abrasive is fed into the gun by gravity which is better because it will typically be less likely to have problems getting the abrasive to the gun. Most siphon systems suck the abrasive from below and I find that problems arise too often. Its rather annoying.

The other good aspect about this is its fairly easy to maneuver and the whole system is together in one piece.

The only bad thing about this is the hopper on the top isn’t very large and the abrasive will likely need to be refilled often unless your using it for very small jobs which actually what its made for anyway.

There are reviews about this too and they all seem to be good. You can order it through Amazon on the following link here: Unitec (UNI007B) Speed Blaster Sandblast Gun

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6 responses to “Unitec Speed Blaster Review”

  1. gordon bradshaw

    what is the difference between the “red” the “white” and “blue” models that are shown – the red is the most “offered” – it would be nice to know why

  2. Eric R. W.

    I believe they are all the same in quality, but I don’t know that for a fact. They might be off brands, so just make sure it’s a unitec if you’d rather have that than the others.

  3. Muhammad Akhtar

    Hello Eric,

    I hand engrave on glass, ceramic, metal, wood or for that matter any hard surface.
    I can engrave a short message of about six or seven words on a wine bottle in about five minutes.

    Logos, crests and emblems are difficult to do by hand and too time consuming.

    Will this machine be good to etch logos etc. on wine bottles or glasses etc.

  4. Eric R. W.

    Hi Muhammad, you will be able to etch with this, but to engrave deeper, I recommend a pressure pot.

  5. Muhammad Akhtar

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for the tip.

    Eastwood company is selling a 50-lb. pressure pot for $135 and a 100-lb. pressure pot for $185 with free shipping.

    I would mostly be etching wine bottles and glasses. Which one would you recommend.

    Also what media or grit as they call it, is the best for glass.

    Best Regards


  6. Eric R. W.

    In my opinion, the 50 lb is a perfect size, especially for small items. Not too small- not too big.

    But it really depends on how much glasses you will be blasting and how often you want to stop to refill it. To some people, they might think of it similarly to buying a mattress- you are always going to wish you bought a bigger ones after.

    I have a 40 lb to use for glass objects occasionally and it is perfect for me.

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