8 responses to “The Different Kinds of Sand for a Sandblaster”

  1. jeff

    i am tryin to sand blast paint off of jeep rims from world war 2 used in africa and they have abrasive or scrath resistent paint on them and im usin 80 psi and a green sand that costs $160 a pound or bag and im use to soda blasting but never used any thing heavier in grain than this green silica sand and im wondering if its calcium carbide or what? and this most have silica in it sometimes i get slightly sick from it to

  2. victor lamolinare

    right now we sand blast holes in rocks(sand stone and Red lava)for the Aquariums. we drill a small hole first. we are using a sand blasting sand but i need to find some a little better and not to expense. the sand and will last for several cycles.
    the sand right now only last maybe 2 times then its a powder and does not do the job.

  3. Austin

    Hi.iam trying to just take the first coat of paint off of a frame and I dont want to goto bare metal what do I use I have no clue never done it before

  4. victor lamolinare

    Motar sand

  5. Eric R. W.

    @ Austin, if its body work related, I would just use a DC sander.

  6. Romell

    So how can I reuse sandblasting media not used in a blasting cabinet?

  7. Eric R. W.

    @Romell, I lay down a tarp and sweep it up. I also created these plans which shows how to make a on-site sandblaster. It basically uses a vacuum system to recollect the abrasive. See here: http://www.sandblasterinfo.com/sandblaster-manual/on-site-plans/

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